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Stylish Pregnant Celebrities, Past & Present

Being pregnant and feeling fashionable has been a real struggle for me. Not only do I not have the energy to get dolled up and put on heels on my (already) swollen feet, but I can’t be spending a ton of money on outfits that I will wear for a few weeks (since I’m constantly growing.)

Once in a while I won’t mind dressing up a bit…but it’s not going to be my everyday look. Sorry, not sorry! I’ll just dress as comfortable as possible and live vicariously through my Pinterest boards and pregnant celebs, thank you very much!

However, if I was a celeb and it was part of my job to look fab 24/7 that would be a different story. And I’d like to draw some maternity fashion inspiration from these beautiful ladies (past and present.)

1. Chrissy TiegenChrissy Teigen

First of all it’s unfair how flawless she looks. But pregnancy (and postpartum) looks great on her! If I had my own stylist, I’d definitely want Chrissy’s maternity wardrobe – And I mean EVERY outfit.


2. Blake Livelyblake-lively

Speaking of not fair, here’s another pregnant bombshell. If I was ever invited to attend a red carpet (or in this case, the Cannes Film Festival), please have me look like Blake Lively. Her everyday maternity wardrobe is already amazing, but her red carpet maternity wardrobe is to die for! Just beautiful!


3. Audrey Hepburnaudrey hepburn

“What we’re going to do right here is go back…way back. Back into time.” We can’t talk about fashion icons without mentioning (the one and only), Audrey Hepburn. Unfortunately, there aren’t many public photos of her being pregnant (since back in the day, women celebrities kept it hush, hush)…but the few pictures that were captured, she looked absolutely adorable. So if I wanted to go for a cute retro look, here we go!


4. Jackie Kennedy

jackie kennedy

How about a more classic, chic look? Then Jackie Kennedy is definitely my woman. For years she inspired millions with her effortless style, and her maternity looks weren’t any different.


5. Mila Kunis

mila kunis

I love how Mila just keeps it REAL. This would have to be my go-to celeb pregnancy style. Her boho, casual maternity style made me appreciate her even more. I’m all about the yoga pants and loose fitting, flowy clothing with some sandals or tennis shoes. Thank you for being grounded, Mila!


6. Kerry WashingtonKerry Washington

L-O-V-E her maternity style!! I love it so much that it’s hard for me to just show you ONE picture….so here’s another second picture. BAM!

Kerry Washington

How gorgeous is she?!? #jelly


7. Zoe Saldana Zoe Saldana

I admired Zoe Saldana’s versatile maternity wardrobe. She had her red carpet, business, super casual, and casual chic looks. And she was carrying twins!! She looked amazing.


8. Kate Middleton kate middleton

Kate Middleton is the perfect blend of classic and modern. Her pregnancy bump was almost non-existent, but her maternity style was on point. She is so lovely and humble that she recycles her looks. The Duchess would have made Diana proud.


So I may not have the opportunity to try all these looks, but a girl can day dream. 🙂