Lisa Frank

Remember These? Throwback School Supplies from the ’90s.

Hey everyone! This is my very first blog post and since we’re in the season of back-to-school, I figured I’d reminisce on throwback back-to-school supplies that I was totally obsessed with when I was a young girl. Till this day, I still get excited walking down the aisles of Target, Staples, The Container Store, or Jo-Ann’s, shopping for my next planner, gel pens and stickers. 🙂

Here were some of my favorite 90s throwback items:

  1. Lisa Frank Notebooks

How pretty and colorful!

2. Sanrio Pencil Cases

These were perfection. It had a special compartment for EVERYTHING.

3. Gel Pens

Colorful, glittery pens? Why not!


4. Disney Lunchbox (with matching thermos)

Beauty and the Beast Lunch Box Set. Umm…Yes!!

5. Five Star Binder

These were legit.


6. Stickers and Sticker Albums

For decoration of course!


7. A really good Eraser 

Morning Glory erasers were the REAL deal.

8. Push-up Pencils


9. And last but not least, the perfect backpack

Yep, that’s ‘Nsync! 😉